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Airports near Manhattan Bowery Lodge

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Manhattan Bowery Lodge offers close proximity to the following airports:

LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport, located in Queens, has been serving New York City for over 90 years. The airport is the third busiest in the United States, with over 60 million passengers flying through it each year. LaGuardia Airport is also a major transportation hub, connecting passengers to many city destinations.

The airport has a wide variety of facilities and services available to passengers. There are multiple terminals and flights depart every minute from LaGuardia Airport. The airport also has a large rental car facility and several restaurants and retail stores. LaGuardia Airport is easily accessible by public transportation and offers free shuttle service to various parts of Queens.

12.2 km away

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport is the seventh busiest airport in the United States and the largest airport serving New Jersey. The airport has three terminals, Terminal A for international flights, Terminal B for domestic flights, and Terminal C for cargo. Newark Liberty is also a major hub for Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. In 2013, the airport handled over 45 million passengers which made it the 19th busiest airport in the world. The airport is located just minutes from Manhattan and provides easy access to both the city and its many attractions.

15.8 km away

Teterboro Airport

Teterboro Airport is located in Teterboro, New Jersey and serves as a secondary airport for the city of New York. The airport has flights to both domestic and international destinations.

The airport was first opened in 1929 and served as a training ground for pilots before World War II. It was also used as a landing strip for planes transporting people and materials to the war effort. After the war, the airport saw a resurgence in activity as it became one of the main airports serving New York City.

Today, Teterboro Airport is still an important hub for flights into and out of the city. It offers convenient access to both the metropolitan area and nearby attractions, including Newark Liberty International Airport, which is only 20 minutes away.

16.4 km away


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